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Talking About Solar Power Installations

How To Get Free Help Cleaning Up Your Yard Waste: Hold A Dumpster Party

Heather Willis

If you still have the remnants of last year's Christmas tree kicking around in your backyard, it is probably safe to assume you have other yard waste piled up, too. Many homeowners face the uncomfortable reality that even though yard waste can be composted or recycled, natural waste is often left to rot and decay at the edge of a property. If you are one of those homeowners, renting a dumpster and throwing a dumpster party may be the quickest way ever to clean up your yard and end your guilt about not composting it.

Make a Guest List

This isn't any ordinary guest list. It should contain those with big muscles, agile bodies and an eagerness to show up all your buddies. These are the people who will make a show of carrying the heaviest limbs, toting the biggest trees, and otherwise showing off their brute strength to other guests. Scour your list of friends and acquaintances and add any to your guest list that have a competitive nature or those who never like to be outdone. These people will be so busy carrying your yard waste to the dumpster to show how strong they are that they will forget they are working.

Set a Date

Think carefully about the date of your dumpster party. If you can coordinate it with another celebration, go ahead. There is no sense in losing out on free labor if you don't have to. While this won't go well with high scale affairs like wedding and anniversaries, celebrating your favorite sports team's big win might set the stage for some serious competition of the trash-hauling kind. You might even want to make a bet with your friends before a game day. If a certain team wins or if certain plays happen, you firends have to come clean up your yard. Avoid setting the date of your dumpster party on days or weekends when other events may keep your guests away.

Offer Enticing Food and Beverages

If your friends are the single kind, or don't have a knack for cooking, they may be inclined to join your dumpster party for the food and drinks. Choose a favorite food, or offer a smorgasbord of tasty items, but don't forget to let everyone know there is more than enough to go around. If you are unsure what foods to serve, look for outdoor party menus and tailor them to fit your crowd. Likewise offer the beverage of choice for your group of friends, preferably a step up from what they can typically afford. Good food and flowing beverages are hard to turn down, even if that means your guests need to trade a little light labor for your treats.

Offer Prizes

Everyone loves prizes and your guests are probably no exception. Choose prizes that appeal to the majority of guests and tie them to some friendly competition. For example, each trip to the dumpster could earn a token in the hat or you could weigh the trash before it's deposited and let the one who hauls the biggest load take all.  You may want to offer some prizes awarded via pure luck to keep the less competitive guests on your list involved.

Accept Trash

Nearly everyone has an item or two that they don't know how to get rid of. Offer to let guests bring along a rogue item to add to your dumpster (provided you have room, of course). You may be surprised by eager guests who are willing to attend and participate in your dumpster party just to get rid of a couple of things of their own.

Considerations: Choose appropriately sized dumpsters and place them in a convenient location for your guests. If you choose to accept trash from guests, check with the dumpster rental company on what items are prohibited and make sure your guests understand.

A dumpster party can be a lot of fun, oddly enough, as you and your guests work together to clean up your yard and then spend the evening celebrating a job well done.


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