Talking About Solar Power Installations

Talking About Solar Power Installations

What To Expect When Adding Propane Fuel In Your Home

Heather Willis

When it comes to cooking, heating, hot water generation, and supplying fuel for other appliances, propane is an excellent option. You will need to find a propane supplier to deliver the fuel when you need it, and if you do not already have a tank, they can often set that up for you as well.

New Propane Installation

Many new and existing houses use propane gas because it is clean ad efficient. The fuel is relatively affordable in most parts of the country, and it is versatile enough to be used in many ways. A heating system that runs on propane can be more efficient than electric heat, and you may also want to install a water heater, stove, and gas dryer that all use propane gas to reduce the amount of electricity you use every day. 

Installing the appliances is not difficult, but most propane suppliers will require the tank and lines to be installed and inspected before they will come and fill it. The risk of leaks is not something the supplier wants to deal with, so in many cases, you must have a building inspector sign off on the work before that first fill.

Many plumbers are certified to install propane lines, appliances, and other equipment, so look for one that is, and it can make the process easier. If the plumber is certified to work on these systems, that may be enough for the propane supplier when it is time to fill your tank. 

Gas Prices And Tanks

It is common for homeowners to shop around for the best price on propane gas. However, if you have tanks from a specific propane supplier outside your home, you will likely need to change tanks for any other company to service your home. 

The tanks owned by a specific propane supplier are often off-limits to other companies because they do not want to be responsible if something is wrong with them or they damage them when filling the gas. If you want to change suppliers for a better price, you need tanks you own on the property or have the new company set up their tanks and connect them to your home. 

Leaks And Concerns

Propane gas is heavier than air, so if there is a leak in your system, the first place you will notice it is under your house or in a basement. If you suddenly have a strong odor of gas in the house, the concentration may be very high, and you should evacuate the home. Call the fire department and the propane supplier, so both can respond and get the problem resolved.  

Reach out to a local propane supplier for more information.


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