Talking About Solar Power Installations

Talking About Solar Power Installations

  • What Are Your Rights When It Comes To Corporate Land Pollution?

    In most developed countries, you are likely to find many heavy industries that were once the driving force of a country's economy but are now closed down. Now, some of these industrial sites pose major hazards to the environment. Because such sites have the ability to contaminate the surrounding areas as well, the adverse effects of pollution are unfortunately not confined to the sites. For instance, a landfill site which was poorly managed and still produces methane is a source of contamination since the gas can travel underground to contaminate other areas and affect human beings.

  • Tips For Keeping Your Kid Safe From Asbestos During Home Renovations

    If you are a homeowner, you might decide that you want to add on extra rooms to your house or do some other renovation that will allow you make your house more valuable. However, if you are also a parent, you need to make sure that your child stays safe throughout the renovations. One major source of potential danger is asbestos that might have been used for insulation in your home that you didn't know about.

  • Landscaping Ideas For Your Apartment Complex's Courtyard

    Creating a beautiful and inviting space for your apartment complex's courtyard can be easy with the right landscape design. Work with your landscaper and use this guide to help find the right additions for your courtyard. Privacy Trees And Shrubs If your complex has apartments that overlook the courtyard, it is important to provide those homes with a little added privacy. You can plant shrubs and bushes to provide cover for windows on the first floor, and carefully placed trees can provide privacy for apartments on the upper floors.

  • How To Get Free Help Cleaning Up Your Yard Waste: Hold A Dumpster Party

    If you still have the remnants of last year's Christmas tree kicking around in your backyard, it is probably safe to assume you have other yard waste piled up, too. Many homeowners face the uncomfortable reality that even though yard waste can be composted or recycled, natural waste is often left to rot and decay at the edge of a property. If you are one of those homeowners, renting a dumpster and throwing a dumpster party may be the quickest way ever to clean up your yard and end your guilt about not composting it.

  • Should You Clean Your Grease Trap With Enzymes?

    Monthly grease trap maintenance is an unavoidable fact of maintaining a commercial facility, especially in the food service and management industry. It's a dirty job, and many facilities managers are tempted to deal with this often messy and smelly task through the use of enzymes and other additives. The following takes a look at how enzymes are used to remove fats, oils, and grease (FOG) and the potential drawbacks of using such additives in your grease trap.

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