Talking About Solar Power Installations

Talking About Solar Power Installations

What Are Your Rights When It Comes To Corporate Land Pollution?

Heather Willis

In most developed countries, you are likely to find many heavy industries that were once the driving force of a country's economy but are now closed down. Now, some of these industrial sites pose major hazards to the environment.

Because such sites have the ability to contaminate the surrounding areas as well, the adverse effects of pollution are unfortunately not confined to the sites. For instance, a landfill site which was poorly managed and still produces methane is a source of contamination since the gas can travel underground to contaminate other areas and affect human beings.

Land Pollution

Land Pollution can take many forms

Airborne emissions: Emissions from a factory could ride the breeze to people's residences and cause health complications over time as is the case with asbestos exposure that is known to be the only cause of Mesothelioma.

Waterborne contaminants: As a result of spillage, harmful chemicals can make their way to drainage systems and are transported to rivers and streams contaminating them.

Radiation: A site that has radiation from radioactive waste from a nuclear power plant if not cordoned off properly can cause harm to unsuspecting humans, animals, and plants.

During mineral excavation oil, gas, gasoline and salt water solution will come to the surface. Saltwater brine popularly used during excavation can be toxic to plants, animals, and humans and can result in widespread devastation of an area.

Companies involved in oil drilling are required by law to bear the cost of cleanup for any contaminated water or soil as a result of spillage as provided for by the Oil Pollution Act (OPA) of 1990.

Unfortunately, most corporate will try to shortchange the law and citizens of the affected area by either refusing to clean up or denying the responsibility of spillage and its consequent effects.

If you or a loved one, neighbor, or friend has become a victim of careless oil or gas drilling companies, enlisting the service of an environmental law attorney is important, as they are able to fight for your rights. At the same time, looking into options for contaminated site remediation is important. Various parties will have a stake in getting contaminated land cleaned up, including the company at fault, and even the local government. Land pollution is a problem that can affect a whole community, which is why contaminated site remediation is a big deal.

What makes environmental cases different in approach is the fact that the effects of harmful substances may not be felt during the years when the mining extraction is ongoing, but much later, perhaps even a decade or more after the mining has stopped.

Environmental law attorneys are trained specifically for these complex cases and have done a lot of research in gathering sufficient evidence to make a case against such atrocities. They will give you the best chance in a court of law for justice to be served.

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