Talking About Solar Power Installations

Talking About Solar Power Installations

Landscaping Ideas For Your Apartment Complex's Courtyard

Heather Willis

Creating a beautiful and inviting space for your apartment complex's courtyard can be easy with the right landscape design. Work with your landscaper and use this guide to help find the right additions for your courtyard.

Privacy Trees And Shrubs

If your complex has apartments that overlook the courtyard, it is important to provide those homes with a little added privacy. You can plant shrubs and bushes to provide cover for windows on the first floor, and carefully placed trees can provide privacy for apartments on the upper floors. Work with your landscaper to find the right plants and trees for your climate, and look for plants that require minimal maintenance to thrive.

Gazebo Centerpiece

A gazebo in the center of the courtyard can create a stunning focal point, and it can also give your tenants a place to gather for outdoor picnics or other events. Place the gazebo, if possible, so all walkways lead to it. Plant flowers around the gazebo to add color to the area, and consider other touches, such as ivy, to give the gazebo a lush look. If you have a large courtyard, consider creating several gazebo areas with a large one in the center.

Playground Area

If your apartment complex is home to several families, you may want to consider adding a playground area to the courtyard. Set the playground further back from the street for added safety, and work with your landscaper to plant shrubs and bushes around the perimeter to provide added privacy. Instead of leaving the grass in this area, install rubber playground tiles before adding a swing set or jungle gym. The tiles reduce the amount of space your landscapers need to maintain each week, and it provides a cushioned surface to help prevent injuries on the playground equipment. Be sure to add a few benches or picnic tables so parents can relax while keeping an eye on their little ones.


You'll want to keep your courtyard as safe and secure as possible. You can do this while still keeping the space beautiful with the right type of fencing. Wrought iron fencing can add a vintage look to your building while helping to prevent people from wandering into the courtyard. This is especially important if you will be adding a playground to the space. Work with your landscaper to find fencing designs that coordinate with your buildings, and then consider adding shrubs and bushes to complete the look and add a bit of extra privacy to the space.

Discuss your ideas with your tenants to see which features they want most in the courtyard, and then schedule a consultation with a landscaper like Joshua Tree & Landscape Co. Together, you can create a beautiful space that adds curb appeal to your apartment complex while giving your tenants an extra reason to love where they live.


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